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3 Reasons to wear mixed metal jewelry

Updated: May 16

I love creating and hand making the jewelry you see on my website. As the creator, it’s fun to be able to come up with different designs and see what looks good together, and what would really resonate with the customer. All my pieces are created with a theme, but as I was playing with metals, I really loved how silver and gold looked together. There is some fashion rule out there in the universe that says you can’t mix silver and gold. I say, oh yes you can and it looks amazingly elegant!

Below are 3 reasons to mix your metals and look fashionable while doing it.

1. Mixed silver and gold go with everything!

Mixed metals look especially great if you are wearing solid colors. Colors like navy, black or white, really make a silver and gold piece pop. The way I like to combine the two metals is to keep it all in one jewelry piece. For example, these mixed metal earrings have silver hoops with a gold filled disc dangle. I also like to combine silver and gold in pendant necklaces for a unique look and the gold always makes the necklace stand out with it’s beautiful shine.

2. Mixed metals can be more cost effective

Whether it’s solid gold or even gold filled, the price for these precious metals are not always budget friendly. If you love gold, gold filled is a wonderful option for many reasons including being resistant to tarnish and hypoallergenic. I use small gold filled discs to add my silver pendants as it makes the piece really come to life and your attention is drawn to gold part of the necklace. If you love gold, this is a great way to keep the costs down by just adding a small gold filled piece to your jewelry.

3. A touch of elegance to your outfit

I think my favorite part of mixing silver and gold is the simple elegance it brings to an outfit. I create most of my jewelry pieces to be classic in style and shape. Trends come and go, but simple everyday pieces can stand the test of time. Silver and gold filled are precious metals that elevate any outfit. Both metals can last a lifetime with the right maintenance. It’s truly a win-win for those love minimalist jewelry that is classic and it adds the right touch of elegance to your wardrobe.

Mixed metal jewelry never gets the attention it deserves for being so versatile and elegant. With so many fashion rules out there, mixed metal jewelry has often been wrongly categorized as something to steer away from. I hope these jewelry pieces inspire you to try mixed metals and incorporate them into your wardrobe. All of my jewelry pieces come with a small polishing cloth to help keep your jewelry clean and shiny. I truly hope you love these handmade pieces as much as I enjoy making them.

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