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Handmade Minimalist Jewelry

Simple jewelry designs for everyday wear…

What is minimalism?

Over the last decade, minimalism has been a very hot trend. The idea behind minimalism could mean different things, but at it’s core it means to simplify your lifestyle. This includes things in your home, clothes, possessions etc. We now live in a world where we have so many choices. Every where you go, from the mall, online or just scrolling through Amazon, the desire to accumulate things is so strong. When things are on sale, it’s so tempting to buy something just because it’s on sale, and not because we truly need it. Believe me, I have been guilty in falling into these traps. Every 6 months I would just make a pile of stuff I was not using and ended up donating many things (even with tags still on them!)

The journey to minimalist lifestyle

It took a while to wake up from the cycle of buying things I don’t need, to evaluating why (for myself) did I have this behavior? I could recognize that buying things I did not need filled a void somewhere. It could be I was not happy in a job, relationship, or just not where I wanted to be in life. Buying things was a very temporary gratification. But in the end, I just wanted something more substantial. I’m always still a work in progress, but slowly I started to change my spending habits. I would ask myself do I need this? Will it last for many years? Does it make me happy? Over the course of a few years I used to have a walk in closet full of clothes, which I have now pared down to only having 1 side of a walk closest that has everything I own (shirts, pants, dresses etc). This concept of simplifying your home can apply to all areas of your house and not just your closest. Over the years in really trying to simplify my home, it has felt liberating, less stressful, and the discipline to have power over my spending habits has been very rewarding.

Minimalist handmade jewelry

When I was creating my jewelry designs, the concept of keeping things simple and minimal was at the core of my necklaces and earrings. I wanted to create pieces that were simple, classic, can be worn everyday, and with proper maintenance can last for many years. That is why I chose argentium silver and gold filled metals. These metals are durable and long lasting. I wanted to keep my prices affordable, so it was accessible to everyone. I love simple everyday pieces, that go with everything in your closest. I’ve always gravitated towards jewelry that adds just a simple touch to your outfit without being loud and too busy. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a great statement piece of jewelry, or a bold color, but it’s not something I reach for every day.

One of my favorite simple pieces is my checkered heart gold filled necklace. Gold is still the top trend these days, and this little heart is whimsical and feminine. I texture the edges a bit to catch light, and gold filled can last decades!

Another favorite of mine are the celestial star pattern earrings. I think simple silver disc earrings never go out of style. They are perfect for everyday and nearly every outfit. These discs are made of Argentium silver, and can also last decades with proper care. We include a polish cloth with every jewelry purchase. You can read how to care for your jewelry here.

When looking through my jewelry collection, you will see how simple and minimalist designs are at the core of my collection. I wanted to create jewelry that can easily be worn everyday, and affordable to everyone. My minimalist adventure is still a work in progress, and always will be. But I find joy and peace in simplicity, and hope to keep creating jewelry that inspires me.

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