Our Journey

How it started....

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Lisa, and I live in beautiful San Diego. I have a strong faith and love of America and I wanted to combine the two and create jewelry statements that were powerful and purposeful.

I set out by sourcing metals, trying different techniques, textures, and designs to create a jewelry line that was classic, elegant and didn't look it could only be worn on the 4th of July. I wanted an "everyday" piece of jewelry that would be great for yourself and for gifting to others. After many hours of practice, and hundreds of metals scraps, I created designs that are patriotic and faith inspired.  We use  pewter, sterling, gold filled, and argentium silver metals that are durable and long lasting.

I'm also a wife, step mom and dog mom to a spunky bouvier des flandres. We hope you love your jewelry and can wear your values with  patriotism and love.

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