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This unique charm necklace combines God and Country. The 1776 reflects the founding of America and all the values of liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The small silver cross is knowing that Jesus is Lord and is the center of our lives. This dainty silver 1776 charm necklace is sweet and lovely and completely handmade. 

Circle Washer: Sterling Silver 10.2 mm
Tag: Argentium Silver 13.9 x 6.2 mm
Cross: Argentium Silver 10mm
Chain: Sterling Silver

What is Argentium Silver? Argentium silver has a slightly higher silver content than sterling silver. Argentium is 93.5% silver, 5.5% copper and 1% germanium. It has a brighter silver shine, and is more resistant to tarnishing.

**Please note these are hand stamped. There could be impressions on the backside of pendant as this is normal due to displaced metal. I cannot guarantee the spacing of letters, but all will be held up to my high standards**



1776 Charm Necklace

  • Please remove jewelry before going to bed, swimming or showering. When not in use, storing jewelry in a jewelry box or bag is ideal for long term preservation.

    Read how to clean your silver and gold filled jewelry

  • We are proudly a small family Patriotic business. All products are handmade in USA and made to order with exceptional customer service. We support freedom and liberty, in an industry full of big corporations and censorship. We thank you for your support. God Bless America.

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