Save on these beautiful silver patriotic pendants with this 2 necklace for $55 gift set. This package includes free shipping.  Pick your two favorite statements (or both the same). This necklace set is perfect for gifting to other Patriots and all those who love our freedoms. Spread the love of America with confidence and style! Comes with adjustable sterling silver chains at 16 in or 18 in.


Pendant: 14.3mm Argentium Silver

Chain: Sterling Silver (adjustable at 16in or 18in)

Finish: Brushed satin matte


What is Argentium Silver? Argentium silver has a slightly higher silver content than sterling silver. Argentium is 93.5% silver, 5.5% copper and 1% germanium. It has a brighter silver shine, and is more resistant to tarnish vs sterling silver.


**Please note the necklaces will be shipped in 1 package only to one address**  All necklaces will be packaged and ready for gift giving.


*There could be a slight impression on back of the pendant and this is normal due to displaced metal. No two pendants will look alike. I cannot guarantee the spacing as each pendant is hand stamped. All will look professional and up to our high standards*


Handmade and proudly made in USA!


Patriotic Gift Set (2 for $55)

  • Although Argentium silver is more resistant to tarnish, we still advise taking off necklace to sleep and to keep away from water. Storing jewelry in a box or jewelry bag is ideal.  Included in your package is a small polish cloth to keep your pendant shiny.

  • We are proudly a small family Patriotic business. All products are handmade in USA and made to order with exceptional customer service. We support freedom and liberty, in an industry full of big corporations and censorship. We thank you for your support. God Bless America.