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The Patriotic 1776 tag necklace for men is a symbolic piece of jewelry that pays homage to the founding of America and principles of life, liberty, and freedom. These tag necklaces make a wonderful gift for men who love the ideals America was founded on and value the spirit of 1776. This necklace also makes a thoughtful military gift, suitable for all who serve and proudly display their patriotism.

These handmade pendants are made of thick pewter, a durable metal alloy known for its resistance to tarnishing. The necklace comes with a stainless steel chain measuring 24 inches in length (with 2 inch extender) providing a comfortable fit for most men. Stainless steel is known for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and sleek appearance.

This tag necklace is also suitable for women who like longer necklace chains. It’s a perfect chain length for layering short necklaces as the chains will not tangle

***Please note every pendant will look different due to the sporadic nature of hand stamping. There could be an impression on the back of the pendant and this is normal due to displaced metal. I cannot guarantee the placement of each letter, but will ensure all look professional and up to my high standards.

Pendant length: 1 inch
Pendant material: Pewter
Chain: Adjustable Stainless steel chain 24 inches with 2 inch extender

Made to order, and proudly made in USA!

Men's 1776 tag necklace

  • Please remove jewelry before going to bed, swimming or showering. When not in use, storing jewelry in a jewelry box or bag is ideal for long term preservation.

    Read how to clean your silver and gold filled jewelry

  • In a world full of big corporations and censorship, we value liberty, freedom, and supporting small made in USA businesses. All jewelry is handmade in San Diego, and we strive to deliver the best possible customer service. We hope you love your jewelry as much as we love to make it for you.


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