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This We The People statement necklace is a powerful message. The phrase is not only historical but embodies the voice and spirit of the American people who love and support the Constitution. Very unique necklace, and of course unapologetically patriotic. Comes with an adjustable sterling silver chain at 16in or 18in and is easily styled to your outfit. This pendant is "naked" meaning the letters are not colored and has a brushed satin matte finish.

What is Argentium Silver? Argentium silver has a slightly higher silver content than sterling silver. Argentium is 93.5% silver, 5.5% copper and 1% germanium. It has a brighter shine, and is slower to tarnish vs Sterling Silver.

***Please note every pendant will look different due to the sporadic nature of hand stamping. There could be an impression on the back of the pendant and this is normal due to displaced metal. I cannot guarantee the placement of each letter, but will ensure all look professional and up to my high standards.

Pendant: Argentium silver 12.7 mm wide
Chain: Adjustable Sterling Silver chain at 16in or 18in.
Finish: Satin matte finish


See our We The People necklace in gold filled here

We The People Necklace

  • Please remove jewelry before going to bed, swimming or showering. When not in use, storing jewelry in a jewelry box or bag is ideal for long term preservation.

    Read how to clean your silver and gold filled jewelry

  • In a world full of big corporations and censorship, we value liberty, freedom, and supporting small made in USA businesses. All jewelry is handmade in San Diego, and we strive to deliver the best possible customer service. We hope you love your jewelry as much as we love to make it for you.


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