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Patriotic Jewelry Inspiration

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I'm so excited to share this journey with you and to welcome you to my little boutique store. I wanted to give a little background on how my store came to be. I will not be very political on my site, but wanted to invite you into the thought process of how my patriotic line was realized. Jewelry can be a very oversaturated market, which is great as I love jewelry myself and it's wonderful to have beautiful choices. But over the past few years, with the stronghold of social media, cancel culture, and a divisiveness like we never seen before, I felt like only one point view seemed acceptable. This was truly troubling as we are country built on free speech and liberty for all. Freedoms of all kind were being attacked, love of country, faith, and patriotism seemed to be under valued or looked down on. We live on the greatest Country on earth, with the most freedoms and opportunities. Yes, there is a darker side to history, but battles were won and continue to be won on daily basis to preserve freedom.

So how did the jewelry start? I was searching to wear simple statement pieces that reflected my values and patriotism, but didn't want to look like it was 4th of July everyday! Although that could be fun too. I wanted something more subtle, and minimal and that you could wear everyday. You could wear it to work, a date, or just lounging around. I didn't find much, so I started to play around with jewelry ideas. I researched metal, techniques, design styles, and practiced. I should emphasize the practice part, I probably have hundreds of scraps of metals I used to play around with designs, textures, and tools. I practiced different finishing techniques from rotary polishing wheels, to tumbling (I use both now) to finally get a designed piece I loved. Simply stated words with power, like Freedom, Patriot, 1776 to Jesus, Hope and Faith. There is more to come, and many more designs on the horizon, but I hope you love what is created so far!



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