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The Importance of Honoring Our Veterans

The Veterans Day holiday is held each year on November 11th. Many Americans have answered the call to serve their country to defend the liberty and democracy of our nation. They risk their own lives in order to protect ours. Many times against countries that are tyrannical and violate human rights. It is good to understand the importance of honoring our veterans in our everyday lives.

Veterans Day and Memorial Day

Many Americans get the holidays Veterans Day and Memorial Day confused. These are actually two very different holidays. Memorial Day is to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice by dying while serving in the military.

Veterans Day is to honor all veterans (deceased or alive), but mainly to show appreciation to those Veterans who are living and who are serving or have served their country, whether it be during war or peacetime. This holiday is set aside to honor their dedication and service. It allows us, as Americans, to show appreciation to all veterans who deserve our honor and respect.

How You Can Honor A Veteran With Patriotic Jewelry

One of the best ways to honor a Veteran is simply by thanking them and acknowledging them and their sacrifice. However, if you have a loved one who served or is currently serving, what better way to honor them than by wearing a piece of patriotic jewelry. Patriotic jewelry will show your pride and appreciation of service men and women.

Military Jewelry Pieces

Our military jewelry pieces are an excellent way for a wife, a mom, a sister, or a girlfriend to support their loved one! We offer several military jewelry pieces in our collection. Each necklace is handmade in San Diego, with attention to detail, and thoughtful gift packaging. Our pieces are unique in that each piece has different design elements. And these pieces can be customized with your loved one’s initials.

Personalized Deployment Combat Boots Necklace

This handmade necklace has a pendant that has a pair of combat boots. Add your loved one's initials on the pendant to show your love and appreciation for them as they serve our country.

Personalized Deployment Helmet Necklace

This necklace is made on a beautiful gold filled disc, and has a military helmet that is stamped in the center. It can also be personalized with your loved ones' initials. Wear this necklace and have your loved one who may be deployed close to your heart. This necklace also comes in a gold/silver two-toned necklace style.

We also offer other patriotic jewelry for those who love sharing their pride for the United States of America through jewelry pieces. Be sure to check out our Patriotic Jewelry shop, where we have necklaces as well as earrings. These pieces make perfect gifts for family and friends.

Let’s Get Social

We love collaborating and sharing our jewelry pieces with our customers. We have a Pinterest page where we share all of our handmade jewelry pieces.


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