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Embrace the New Year with Grace: Introducing our Simple Grace collection

Updated: May 15

Our New Collection: Simple Elegance

I'm such a fan of very practical jewelry. I tend to wear the same 3-4 jewelry pieces over and over again. What attracts me to reach for a certain jewelry piece is that it ticks many boxes. It goes with pretty much anything, and can be casual or elevated up for a date night. It's also simple in design. There is just something so elegant about a simple pretty design. This was my inspiration for this simple grace collection. I know there are many others out there who appreciate minimalist everyday designs. I hope these Christian inspired jewelry gifts for either yourself or a loved one tick that box for you and you reach for it over and over again.


The Sparkly Details

These necklaces and earrings are hammered all over for texture and shine. A simple cross is hand stamped in the center. The crater texture of the pendant is a unique feature that elevates the minimalist style of the necklace. The result is a sparkly beautiful little pendant.

 Christian Inspiration

Everything I create here at Liberty Cottage Design is always from the sentiment of God, family and country. I've always gravitated towards textured jewelry, I think it's just so eye catching. I had this design is mind for Christians who are looking for something they can reach for everyday. I also believe wearing Christian inspired jewelry is a form of evangelization. You never know what conversation can be sparked!

 Meaningful Gifts for Loved Ones

Each piece of this small collection is not just a gift but a meaningful expression of love, hope, and faith. All these jewelry pieces are made to order from a small business who supports not only Christian ideals, but supports patriotism and freedom.


Celebrate the Journey, Embrace the Faith

In a world that moves swiftly, taking a moment to reflect on our faith can be a source of strength and inspiration. Our new Christian jewelry collection is a celebration of the journey we're all on – a journey filled with hope, love, and the guiding light of faith. I invite you to take a look at all of our designs and hope you find something that resonates with you.

Many blessings for the New Year and God Bless!



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