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Meaningful gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day always has such a special place in my heart. Even though I am not a mother (I’m a step mom) I’ve always appreciated and have been in awe of so many mothers I’ve known, especially my own mother! My mother had 7 children, the first 3 siblings being one year apart. At the time, my mother and father did not have much money. That was a challenging time for her as she told stories about how she had one hand cooking dinner, one child on her hip, and another child playing at her feet!

I’m the youngest of the 7, and I always witnessed my mother taking care of her children, teaching us to be respectful and to know God. My father had a construction business, and my mother did all the accounting. I was always amazed how hard my mom worked during the day, and then when we went to bed, she would go into our home office and work on accounting and payroll. She managed to do it all with such patience and joy. I’m blessed she is still with us, in her mid 80’s and healthy and strong. The best mother’s day gift to her (according to her words) is just to be with all her children on that day. Of course, we all love giving her gifts, but I know for us as well, every day and year with her is truly the best gift of all!

With mother’s day around the corner, I wanted to highlight some jewelry pieces that would make a special gift for mom.

This necklace just embodies so many qualities that a mother might have. This necklace is great for a mother who appreciates living in America, loves God first, and cherishes her family. These are foundations she wants to pass along to her kids. Hand made with both silver and gold-filled, it’s one of my favorite pieces to make!

This Mama necklace is trendy and cute. This pendant is great for a new mama, who is just so happy to start this amazing journey of motherhood. Hand made on silver and gold-filled, this pendant is dainty and just perfect for everyday wear. The mixed metal is also so versatile and can easily be styled to most everything in her closet.

This necklace is made of beautiful gold-filled metal and catches gorgeous shine. This necklace is great for a mother who loves the ideals America was founded on (freedom and liberty) and supports our constitution, especially our first and second amendment rights. Of course while supporting freedom, the greatest devotion is the love of God. Our rights come from God, not man, and this is what makes America so special!

I hope this mother’s day is special for you, and all the mother’s in your life. It’s not an easy job being a mom, there are so many ups and downs, but as my mother would say, she would not have it any other way. Have a blessed day!


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