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Why 1776 is so important

The meaning of 1776 is still as powerful as ever......

Spotlight on best seller 1776 necklace

When I first started my patriotic jewelry collection, I knew I wanted to have 1776 somehow incorporated in my designs. At first, I wasn’t sure how well it would do. There are other patriotic sayings or references that are more popular. I thought I would give it a test and created my first patriotic jewelry piece in pewter with 1776. At the time I created more designs, some patriotic and others not, and my first sell was my 1776 design. Then another. Then they just kept coming. It was quickly becoming apparent that I now had my best seller item that struck a chord with customers.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. When I really thought about the allure of 1776, and why it resonated with many, it wasn’t just about being a historical event. There was a feeling about it, because 1776 really is a connection to an ideology that many Americans believe in. When the declaration of independence was issued on JUL 4, 1776, giving the new America freedom from Great Britain rule, it was the result of the resilience of the pilgrims who wanted a new way of life. The new America wanted to be built on liberty, and with Christian values. There was a desire to be a beacon of light to the world, as a truly free nation.

Freedom is always worth fighting for

As we look at our country’s current events in the past few years, it has truly have been polarizing. Right before our eyes, you see an attempt to limit our freedoms in various ways whether through unconstitutional mandates, redefining speech or passionately trying to silence opposing views. Despite these trying times, there have been many Americans who have risen to the occasion to fight and maintain our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This American spirit of preserving a free nation, is the same dream and fight of the first Americans after the declaration of independence. I believe it’s why so many people are drawn to the 1776 design. So many of us love this country, and our freedoms, it will always be worth fighting for.

Inspired 1776 necklace designs

After a few test designs, I have finalized my 1776 pendant on argentium silver. This pendant is all handmade, as I handstamp the 1776 and the stars to the metal. I finish by polishing to a satin smooth effect as I think it really brings out the brightness of the silver.

I wanted to incorporate gold filled metal into my collection, and I made a smaller version of 1776 which also has been very popular. Gold filled is a high quality metal to work with. It's known for it's beautiful shine and durability to last for decades with proper care.

My latest addition to my patriotic jewelry collection has been designing on these gorgeous thick silver bars. This new design will not disappoint as these silver bars are of incredible quality, and perfect for those who would like another option other than a circular disc shape.

I’m grateful for a wonderful customer base that continues to grow and inspire me to create new ideas that resonate so much to them. Each jewelry piece is handmade just for you, because together we are unapologetically patriotic, and we love America and the spirit of liberty this nation was founded on.

God Bless!



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